Best Etsy SEO Tips for Erank Optimizing

Selling your products or even homemade on Etsy is very popular and easy to generate revenue for your online business by using Erank factors. But have you noticed? At your Etsy shop, You will not be able to generate more revenue from time to time by not optimizing your Etsy SEO page with the best Etsy SEO tips.

 You might be missing out on one key opportunity by utilizing a search engine optimization (SEO) ranking strategy within your site to increase your product sales.

There are four easy steps for Etsy SEO ranking:

SEO is a time-consuming factor, this is not my saying. This is a universal phenomenon. It takes time to get right, but with consistency, this can be done. Once it is achieved, No one can stop you from generating revenue. 

Step 1: Understand Etsy SEO Guidelines

No one website like Etsy shares the best SEO practices on its website. But the thing to remember is, Etsy will provide you guidelines and even recipes secret to rank at top spots. If they started to do it, people would start to cheat the system. 

SEO is the name of target; what gets listed in the top spot varies from shopper to shopper, which is never constant and their actions are out of control. 

When it comes to SEO, on Etsy and other websites (Google and Microsoft edge), the best tactic is based on user experience. 

The first and most achievement is to satisfy the customer, not the business.

Etsy wants its customers to either find their interested products not just from one shop or those shops that have been on Etsy having more sales. Because when Etsy browsers find what they want and buy, finally Etsy wins. 

Etsy cares about its customers too much about their requirements as compared to its sales. 

More Customers = More Money

 In short;

Pleasing customers = Pleasing Etsy = higher ranking in Etsy

What is Etsy SEO

When a customer comes to Etsy shop to purchase, they use many search items to pull up the product’s reviews. These search items give suggestions to your customers, automatically they will be able to find your page and hopefully, and in the end, they will buy your products.

Although Esty uses a very complicated Etsy algorithm 2022, you can still rank your pages and items within its site to appropriately search for a customer. You are guaranteed sales if you implement the best Etsy SEO tactics on your listing( your photos, descriptions, prices, brand, etc.)

For example;

When you are searching “ bracelet “ on Google. Because Etsy is too much popular website that Google trusts. they appear organically on the 1st page of Google 

If you can make your spot on the first page of Google then you will be able to fall on the first page of Etsy where you can generate revenue according to your desire.

As I have already mentioned, Etsy is not magic for producing sales. 

There are hundreds and thousands of shoppers in front of you at Etsy, but SEO just helps you to uplift from bottom to top and in this way, you become a competitor of other shoppers. 

SEO won’t produce sales, it just helps you to get in front of other shoppers, But many skills are still required to ensure those shoppers turn into buyers.  

SEO is incredibly important because if people don’t look at your listing, they don’t buy anything. 

Important Components for Erank Etsy

There are two basic tactics for the Optimization of Search Engine of Etsy that are too important to digest;

  1. Etsy Searched Terms
  2. Ranking Terms 

1-Etsy Searched Terms

The first step is to master the erank best Etsy SEO tips that will help make your listings that should match with searches. If you don’t use searching keywords in your listing’s title, description, Etsy tags that sell 2021  etc, your lighting doesn’t have an option to appear in search queries.

The best position in Etsy shop to use your target keyword’s LSI keywords:

Choose the Right Keywords

After getting an idea of Etsy search analytics related to your product, you must know that you have to use search keywords that your customers are using for their interesting products. 

While the listing doesn’t use a unique and clever name for your product, use a name that your customer is familiar with and they search again and again on the Etsy search bar.

And think of a person at Etsy shop who likes jewellery products who wants that this is perfect for him/her. This will be a great match for your experience and your Etsy customers.

I never say that I use the keyword “jewellery products” one time. I use it as many times as possible in the beginning, middle, and end as possible. Like different jewellery products, Branded jewellery products, imported jewellery products, and Italian jewellery ( these keywords are LSI keywords in SEO Language).

Use LSI Keywords and the best Etsy tags in the Following Places

  • My product’s title, description, and best etsy tags
  • My Etsy shop title
  • About section
  • My shop’s sections
  • The category/subcategories I choose
  • The attributes I select

This is very easy to put Keywords when you have an idea of your targeting market for pleasing your customers.

And it becomes tough when you don’t have an idea of your targeting Etsy product. The whole business depends on the market and what Etsy customers demand. Etsy will generate good revenue When you can notice secret points.

If I have a shop on Etsy where I’m providing products of Jewelry, detergents, dressing, and many more. The question is here, How is Etsy able to know on which targeted keyword I’m running my shop?. Etsy is not able to understand my different keywords. I just wanna say here work on a micro-niche instead of a macro niche.

The best way is to use a specific keyword for raking in different places. And this is the best tactic of SEO for your products. I focus on one keyword and use it multiple times.


Have you noticed, when a shepherd calls his flock, all thy reach within seconds? And the same situation when he calls a specific goat or lamb. 

This only happened because shepherd has already given them specific names and these specific names are known keywords in SEO language. When you gave specific names of your products, customers would access them easily like shepherds.

2-Ranking Terms 

Etsy is not going to put one 1st page by just you have given the same keywords that are being searched by your customers. There are many tactics in ranking factors, you must have gone through them.

These tactics are very simple and everyone can apply them easily.

Customers Services

This is very important to create a good experience for your customers: answer their queries, fulfil them on time, and then ship them on time. Put your full efforts to meet and fulfil their unexpected expectations.

Free Shipping

 More sales and more money can be done by providing free shipping, so customers prioritize losing free shipping. This tactic makes your customer’s minds when they visit your shop.


Etsy wants to point out shoppers’ fresh results so that they take “recency” under consideration. A replacement listing will get a brief boost in visibility, but don’t spend an excessive amount of time or money on this. There are many other Etsy sellers, so trying to stay your listing at the highest by making it “new” may be a challenge you’ll never be ready to win.

This is the backbone of SEO either google or Etsy. When other websites are linking your websites, this tells Etsy you are offering something valuable that people are interested in. Some backlinks are organically created by bloggers.


Language has a great influence on your customers. When you are using the English language in the product listing as well as in conversation. Your customer might understand your dealings and might be purchasing something in your shop.

It is very easy to know the up-to-date trend of your product and what is the demand of society related to your products. Look at the “Queries sections” and play with search settings. Get knowledge of different countries or time frames, what type of demand have they required?

Etsy Trends on Google

Sort out top queries by following the top websites related to your products and check customers’ queries what they demand and launch products that try to resolve their problems.

Best ways to pick up customers’ problems 

  • By reviews at the end of the reviews section
  • By Etsy option of listing products section 

Step 3: Etsy Tools for SEO 

After getting an idea of Etsy SEO guidelines and Etsy Google trends, Now use different Etsy SEO tools for better sales on Etsy shops. Different tools have different functions that lead to generating good sales.

Here are Five SEO Tools for Etsy:

1: Google Search results (Free)

2: Pinterest Search results (Free)

3: Ubersuggest ( Free- Limited use)

4: Erank (Free- Limited use/ Pro version available) 

5: Marmalead ( Paid Version)

Step 4: Implement Etsy SEO Tips

Now you have great knowledge of Etsy SEO and keywords for ranking with different Etsy tools. This is a time for implementing them. Following are the Guidelines and best Etsy SEO tips for ranking.

1-Key Keyword Simple

Don’t be over-smart and use clever words: Use keywords that are familiar with Etsy. Focus on the psyche of customers: what type of demand are they demanding? If you have properly researched keywords, this will be easy to list.

2-Spread Keywords out.

It’s important to use keywords in the following places in the product listing. 

Such as:

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Tags
  • Shop title
  • Categories/subcategories
  • Attributes

Choose categories or attributes Etsuy has more traffic with more sales.

2-Use Exact Keyword phrase

It’s very important in listing the products. Use the exact keyword and this will help in ranking and finding your product. Again it’s important to don’t get cute with your exact keyword.

If someone is searching for a “jewellery bracelet” but you have used the keyword “ Jewelry Products” that is not related to your product name. Then no customer will reach your shop. Use the exact keyword related to your products!

3-Put Important Keywords First

The first keyword in the title or description is a sign of an important keyword all over the listings or articles. This is the policy of Etsy to rank the first keyword in the title or description. So Try your Important keyword in the beginning.

If my keyword is “jewellery” then I use it at the beginning like “ Jewelry products with 50% off” rather than “bracelet jewellery for sale “, so be careful in inserting important keywords.

4-Don’t use overuse Keywords

Sometimes, we are using keywords again and again without knowing how to get noticed on Etsy. This will make a mixture of your listing.

This is a rule of SEO. Don’t use targeted keywords more than 2 times in 1000 words and Etsy use targeted keywords just one time in the title, description, and tags.

5- Try Long-Tail Keywords 

Long-Tail Keywords refer to the best etsy SEO keywords for more searching. Sometimes you are interested in a “bracelet” and reach on the google search bar and search your required demand. This is too tough to reach your required demand.

But when you search “silver bracelet” in this way you can get your required demand because of long-tail keywords that have specified the product for Erank factors .

Final Thought

You can optimise your product by adding proper KSI keywords and the best Etsy SEO tips. Such a thing makes your platform outstanding by just grabbing the traffic with value revenue. 

Earning Pro Tips will open doors for you on how you can optimise your product on Etsy. Provide surety to rank on the 1st page.

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