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How To Make Money with Google Ads

You’ve probably heard that you can make money with Google Ads.

You got it right. There are two major methods to how to advertise for google and get paid ads.

Let’s Go Exploring

  • Make money with Google AdSense (The Free Way)
  • How much money can you make with Google AdSense?
  • Make money by running your own Google Ads (The Paid Way)
  • Start How To Make Money With Google Ads

Make money with Google AdSense (The Free Way)

Google AdSense is a completely free methodto make money with Google AdSense. You are not required to spend any money. All you have to do is choose whether or not you want advertising on your website, blog, or YouTube videos.

Then, depending on your content and viewership, Google will match advertisements to your site or channel, earning you and Google money as the advertisers acquire clicks and exposure. Through this, you will be able to make money through google adwords.

Mostly Google ads placements

These are the commercials that appear on various news websites and blogs, as well as the ads that appear before and during YouTube videos. The New York Times, for example, displays a giant banner ad at the top of its homepage:

The site also displays in-line advertisements that appear between the content of its articles:

High traffic websites are the finest sorts of websites for Google AdSense. The more people that come to your website, the more money you may earn. Blogs, news sites, free tools like calculators, and online forums are all excellent Google AdSense options.

How To Control Google Ads On Websites

With Google AdSense, you have complete control over the sorts of ad formats that appear on your website. Advertisements such as horizontal banners, in-line video commercials, and right-rail adverts are just a few examples.

You may also block advertising for certain subject (such as religion or politics) or for specific sponsors (like your competitors). You may even switch monetization on or off for certain videos if you run advertising on your YouTube channel.

Making money with Google AdSense is a very common way ads to make money. More than two million innovators, corporations, and website owners have already signed up. The Google Display Network is made up of these websites and YouTube channels.

Click here to get started with Google AdSense on your website. Go to your YouTube Creator Studio for more information. Then, on the left, go to the Channel section and activate Monetization.

How Much Money can You Make with Google AdSense?

The amount of money you’ll earn with Google AdSense is determined by the size of your audience (for example, the amount of monthly traffic your site receives or the number of views your YouTube videos get), as well as your region and topic.

If you want a ballpark estimate of how much money you can make with Google AdSense, use Google’s free calculator.

A website situated in North America that focuses on Food & Drink and has slightly more than 200,000 monthly page views might earn up to $35,000 per year, while a health website with 450,000 views could make approximately $95,000 per year:

It’s crucial to remember that this is an estimate and not a guarantee of how to make money with ads by running Google AdSense on your website or YouTube channel.

Make Money By Running Your Own Google Ads (The Paid Way)

Another common option to generate money with Google Advertising is to run your own Google ads. In this scenario, you’ll be bidding for your advertisements to display in Google search results, on YouTube and the Google Play Store, and on the Google Display Network’s over two million websites (the ones that have opted in to AdSense).

Although you must pay to join in Google Ads, you only pay when people click on your ad. It’s a pay-per-click (PPC) business, which means you only pay when you get results.

Text advertisements, picture ads, video ads, Shopping ads, and more ad forms are available. You get to pick your own budget, create your own ad creative, and choose which sorts of advertising to employ.

Google Ads has several advantages. It’s one of the quickest methods to attract new consumers, improve site traffic, and boost conversions.

Start How To Make Money With Google Ads

Earning Pro Tips helps you with operating adservices google or your own Google ad campaign. Our Google Ads specialists can create a tailored plan for your brand that surpasses your ROAS targets and provides the results you want.

Even though you can make a demo google ads account and practice by full dedication as you are running own account.

How To Create A Demo Google Ads Account? Step By Step

To create a demo Google Ads account, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Ads homepage (https://ads.google.com/) and click the “Start now” button.
  • Sign in to your Google account, or create a new one if you don’t have one already.
  • Enter your business name and website, and select the country and language that you want to use for your account.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Enter your billing information, including your credit card details. You can use the “Use a demo credit card” option to create a demo account without entering real payment information.
  • Click the “Agree and continue” button to create your Google Ads account.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your first campaign and start advertising on Google.

Keep in mind that a demo account is a simulated environment that allows you to test out Google Ads without incurring any charges.

You can use a demo account to experiment with different ad formats, targeting options, and budget levels, and to see how your ads perform in the real world.

 However, your ads will not be shown to real users and you will not be able to generate any real conversions or revenue from a demo Google Ads account.

Wrap Up

This blog helps you how to make money with Google Ads: Google Ads is a powerful platform that can help businesses of all sizes reach new customers and drive sales.

By creating well-targeted, relevant ads and carefully managing your budget, you can effectively reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals. While it can take some time and effort to set up and manage a successful Google Ads campaign, the potential returns can be well worth the investment.

Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or a marketing professional, learning how to make money with Google Ads by creating a demo google ads account. Make money through google AdSense is a valuable skill that can help you grow your business and reach your financial goals. Earning Pro Tips helps you more resources to make money from google online.

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