How to Make Money as a Student

In such a modern time, we are surrounded by multiple problems that are increasing day by day. But this is the worst situation in underdeveloped countries like mine to face economic hardships. After rising in the morning, the first thing we think about is day problems which we have to cope with the whole day.

As a student, the more irritating question as a student is “How to make money as a student ( how to earn money as a student) for coping with the whole day-problems“. There are multiple ideas to earn money online.

Ideas to How Students Earn Money Online

This chain will not stop here; our family, lover, and even friends are also looking at us. We all want to do something, we all want to improve, and we all want to make money as students.  

Here, I’m going to tell you genuine ways to make money online ( how students earn money online). Of course, for this, you have to require a laptop and a good internet connection for achieving your goals in life. But consistency is more important life is the name of struggle. 

This article will discuss the following points, and each topic has its worth and have a source of generating revenue;

  • Online Survey
  • Start your website
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube Videos 
  • Freelance Work
  • Sell your books, C.D.s, games & videos. …
  • Sell your Notes 
  • Become an Extra
  • Get Paid for Searching Web
  • Ebaying
  • Reviews Music for Money

Online Survey to Make Money

We scroll by just visiting different sites without noticing, but we did try to scroll to make money. There are money methods online to how students make money online without leaving home. An enhancing method as a student to make money online is by just filling out the online survey in your spare time. 

Different companies are always recruiting members across the world for surveys of their products. For a few minutes, you can make a couple of quid, which is in the form of cash or a reward. Estimated you can bag up to $5 for each survey. 

to make money as a student (Ideas to earn money)

A few good ones for trying to make money as a student:

 Toluna, Branded Surveys, LifePoints, InboxPounds, OnePoll, i-Say, Opinion Outpost, YouGov, Prizerebel, Marketagent, Pinecone, Valued Opinions, The Opinion Panel, Populus Live, Mingle, Opinion Bureau, Maru Voice, Panel Base, Survey Junkie.

I recommend you visit Swagbucks and sign up for a survey, and you can make money online without paying. 

After filling up survey forms, you can make money almost 3-5 which is equal to $35-$50.

Start your website

Are you interested in generating passive income? While you are sleeping. 

Exactly, we all are wanted!

Start your website with Bluehost, and it will take less than 20 minutes. It costs hardly anything and can be done at 82+ years old without hesitation. Plugins are on social media, and many ways to monetize your site. After this, this is the time to generate your passive income by putting your content.

Example: Zuckerberg was also of them who started his first website one year and now he is generating passive income limitless. 

Generated money: $30-$50 per week

Affiliate Marketing 

Suppose you are skilful and have much more experience related to blogs or websites. Then, you can make money as a student by promoting different companies’ products, services, and offers online through your website.

to make money as a student (Ideas to earn money) through

Go to Awin network, sign up and check their blog offer, browse the merchant list, find out the product that your friends would like, and grab your affiliate market by sharing it. 

Take a step further, make a website, or topical Facebook page related to your affiliate marketing, and share it with your friends to join it.

Its earning depend on your product quantity. Estimated you can generate $300-$500 revenue. 

YouTube Videos 

Grabbing audience Youtube is the best platform, and according to a recent survey, we now watch more videos than searching on Google. 

YouTube platform is the easiest way to make money as a student in this modern time. You have not required any degree and bla bla bla. Simply, create an account on Youtube and start earning.

And recently introducing the Youtube Partner Programme, Youtube made it too easy to make money without paying. You can get money just by uploading videos on it to viewers as well as on google Adsense.

How successful you are, depends on virality, topic, and subscribers. You can make more money with your unique content that distinguishes you from others. 

Estimated earning $25-$50 per day but after putting effort, might be limitless. 

Freelance Work

Perhaps you feel pleasure during writing, reading, managing Facebook pages, and doing a little bit of graphic designing. There are multiple jobs related to freelancing. You can make good money for your student life. 

 And the best thing about freelancing is that if you are to work for a U.K. client and around the world. You have a laptop and a good internet connection, no more. 

to make money as a student (Ideas to earn money)

A great starting place can be a freelance site like or

I recommend you Fiverr, and this is the best place to make money as a student. 

You can make good money here, and it depends on your orders.

Sell Your Books, Bames, C.D.s & Videos. …

Sometimes we are not able to notice which things can produce money. Some things are out of our eyes without any reason. Books, C.D.s, games & videos are one of them. We have all old books, C.D.s, games & videos lying around, maybe from School or University, or your aunt gave you readers as a gift on your special day. So why not sell them? But it might sound like too much hassle.

 But We Buy Books has made it easy to sell our books without any hesitations. This is because all we have to do is to enter ISBN. They will have the value of your books and print off prepaid postage. So you people don’t even have to go to any shop; they will receive your package.  

Instead of putting C.D.s, games & videos into the garbage, why do we not collect money from Music Magpie? All of you have to enter a barcode in your product, and then they give you an instant price of your box, unwanted effects, and inventories once they receive your parcel. 

Sell your Notes 

You put time to compile notes for your ease, but this can also produce money for you in your tough time. Multiple websites provide a platform to help others through others’ messages. You will receive money from your notes. On the other hand, others will take benefits after paying your wasted notes. 

Sites like Notesale take your notes and put them online for money for others’ extra help. Other sites give you the option to put your messages, and they will pay through their customers. This is a scam-free platform for making money online. 


Facebook is not only for recreation, but it also gives the option to earn from it, I have written on it ” How we can earn from Facebook pages likes

Above mention link will help out you in making money through Facebook pages. You will learn how to how to earn from Facebook easily.

Become an Extra

Being a background person of second rank T.V., you can earn money from $60-$80 by just putting those who want to increase their fame, which is not bad. Be On Screen can get you on set and get 5-second fame ( well, it’s not too much) if you want to mingle with someone who is a z-list celebrity and get paid for it. This could be a ticket for making more money.

Get Paid for Searching Web

The most exciting thing in this is: Do nothing extraordinary, just as usual scrolling online. Your scrolling habits will make money online without creating problems. This is the easiest method to make online money without really any effort or change in your behaviour.

to make money as a student (Ideas to earn money)

This innovative idea by rewards you for searching eBay, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and even Google. You install through the extension and scroll as usual. Your scrolling will change into money. 

There is no limit to withdrawal, and you can withdraw as much as you want with a Paypal account. You also have the option to donate it to charity. 

Sign up here and start to make money through your searches: Click here to start.

Per day you can earn money from $5-$12.


focusing the eye on good options while we are ignoring minor options which are valuable and able to make money online. You can take it seriously and make money as a student online by just clearing your home with loaded stuff.

Many people have earned thousands through this method and are trying to liberate this world. They are too passionate about this method. This will help you to more: eBay guide.

Reviews Music for Money

 You can make money from your passion if you have music passion. This is the best and easy way to earn money by just rewriting reviews of different songs online. This is called “Kill two birds in one stone”. 

to make money as a student (Ideas to earn money)

MusicXray is providing you with an option to earn while listing the music. If you are consistent, you can make money up to $5-$10 per day. 

Wrap Up

There are multiple options for the students from earning point of view. Make money as a student is the only way to support and grab the goals as they desire.

Earning Pro Tips helps students how they can support themselves by earning money. They will make and be able to grab their goals through money.

Jack Mark

Here is Jack Mark, I am a personal finance expert and entrepreneur with a passion for helping others achieve financial success. With 8-plus years of experience, I share practical tips and strategies for making money through side hustles, investing, and online business opportunities. Follow for expert advice on maximizing earnings and achieving financial freedom.

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