Make Money on Esty without Making Anything

This article discusses Etsy platform earning. Through this, you will learn how to make money on Esty without making anything.

Look no farther if you’re wondering how to build planners to sell on Etsy (or anyplace else). Maybe you came here through one of my other side hustle pieces or my brand-new YouTube channel. In any case, hello! Let’s begin creating plans!

How To Make Digital Planners to Sell

If you’ve never created a planner before, you may feel a little overwhelmed. If this is the case, I strongly advise beginning with templates. Canva and Planify are two of my favourite tools.

Planify provides a plethora of choices and hundreds of templates that are both complicated and simple to use.

Canva is wonderful for digital dsign and making all kinds of digital items, but the planner creation choices are lacking.

As a result, I’ll be discussing here make digital planners to sell. Everything can be readily transferred to Canva so you don’t have to learn a new system, but if you want to sell plans, Planify will save you a lot of work.

Many stores only sell one or two sizes. Offering several sizes requires just a few extra clicks from you, but it has the potential to result in many more purchases.

Popular sizes for digital planner include:

  • United States Letter
  • Lowercase Letter
  • A4,A5, A6
  • Happy Planner Mini and Classic*
  • Rings B6
  • Pocket Dimensions

Simply click on the Size Panel to resize a planner in Planify.

Then, choose your planner size, and the planner will adjust itself. That means it just takes a few clicks to provide many sizes, something not every Etsy seller does.

You should do all you can to distinguish yourself from the other digital artisans on Etsy! and you can optimized Etsy.

Create planners on Planify Pro

Before included it in this piece, I signed up for Planify Pro to check whether it was worthwhile.

Previously, all of my calendars (including word hunts) were designed in Canva. And, although Canva is fantastic, designing plans in a platform that wasn’t meant for planners might be challenging.

You can utilise Canva and their pre-made templates, but I found Planify Pro to have many more possibilities. Planify Pro is well worth the money. You can create planners on planify pro to sell as part of your company.

If you’re simply making plans for fun, it’s just half the price of the Commercial License, so it could be worth it.

Many people like making planners as a pastime, similar to scrapbooking. If you’re investing in layouts, images, typefaces, and so forth, Planify is probably worth the $10 each month. The monthly fee for the Commercial License is $20. If you pay by the year, you will get a discount.

Quick Walk Through of Planify Pro’s Features:

Customization Options on Planify

Planify offers several customizing options. There are so many that I’m continually learning them! But I wanted to get this article up before everyone else did, so you could be ahead of the game.

You can alter the:

  • Size of a planner
  • Scheme of colours
  • Layout
  • Text and typefaces
  • Graphics
  • And much more!

Learning Planify

Planify is relatively new to me, and there is a learning curve. Because there aren’t many tutorials available currently, I’ve set out to learn – and make some!

How To Make a Two-Page Planner Using Planify

Cash envelopes are in high demand. You may sell them digitally or print them and sell them in their physical form. Making a two-page planner using planify is easier for designing. You will enjoy it by designing.

Selling On Etsy

As you may be aware, I am a huge lover of selling on Etsy– digital things. I constantly bring it up. Etsy is straightforward, has built-in consumers, and allows you to sell anything handcrafted on their site.

How Etsy Works

To cut a long tale short, Etsy is the Google of handcrafted stores. Despite the costs, I utilize Etsy in addition to selling on my own websites since Etsy gives you consumers! How do you attract customers? SEO!

What Is SEO? Why Is It Important?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of creating titles, listings, and tags based on terms (or keywords) that your buyers would use to locate your items.

Consider this: what terms (keywords) would your prospective clients use to discover your planners?

  • Electronic planner
  • Download a digital planner
  • Floral designer
  • Daily scheduler
  • Mother’s Day planner

All of them are simply terms that people would key in to discover your plans, right? That is SEO. It’s easy to SEO your Etsy listings to increase the amount of people that view them (also known as “ranking”).

If you need assistance with Etsy SEO, I’ve prepared a piece about it here: how to rank on Etsy’s first page. I utilised the identical strategies in that article to rank on Etsy’s first page for various things across several businesses.

Another thing with Etsy is that it adores itself. This implies that if you’re active on Etsy, listing, renewing, and so on on a daily basis, you’ll rise in search rankings as well. Just another approach to attract more people to look at your products.

Understanding Etsy’s Fees

Every time I read a post about selling on Etsy, someone always complains about the costs. Yes, Etsy does charge fees. If you price your items right, those fees will be included in, and you will still make a healthy profit.

How To Avoid Etsy Listing Fees

The simplest method to avoid Etsy’s listing fees? Encourage a friend to open an Etsy business! You and they both get 40 free listings! If you do it once a week, you’ll never have to pay a listing fee again!

You cannot avoid the extra costs that apply when an item sells. Take those into account and price appropriately.

The Next Steps…

If you’re ready to produce digital items and sell them on Etsy but need some assistance, leave a comment or contact me personally.

Wrap Up

This whole article focuses on Esty platform and how to make money on Esty without making anything. The discussed info is crucial to understand much about planify and a little bit about canv.

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