The Most In-Used Personal Finance and Budgeting Free Software

Managing expenses of daily life and saving some part of income for any future hustle is the most important and may be a difficult task for any person.

The best way for keeping an eye on the money spent on life’s basic needs is to use personal finance and budgeting free software. Almost everyone wants to invest his money in any project or business to have a remarkable profit in near future.

If you want to live a luxurious life, you must have your own business. A job-holding person can only fulfil his daily needs.

And to start a business, a handsome income to invest is required. If you observe your monthly expenses, it is easier for you to save some money and then invest it in any business.

In today ‘s world, a large number of apps and software develop which has made the human life easy. If you want to use any free budgeting software, keep scrolling down. Here is the list of the most in-used personal finance and budgeting free software that you can use to manage your income:

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free financial software that offers facilities to its users to use the software free of cost to track investments, plan for retirements, and use its tools for cash flow, spending income, budgeting and net worth.

This software is the best for people who want to invest some of their monthly income in any project or business.

Personal Capital is a digital platform that can be accessed via the web or apps for Android and iOS. The lowest amount you can get started with is $100,000 for this software.

So, this platform is best for high-net-worth clients. Users with low income should consider some other platforms.


Buddi is an open-source budget software that uses to keep financial data encrypted. It is perfect for small financial tasks that any user needs to perform on the daily basis. Buddi runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems the users can use it on any type of device. The reason to use this free finance software is that it has been translated into multiple languages. So people all over the world can easily use it.

Buddi considers one the budget software that is easy to use. The user enters his transactions manually and Buddi take the records safe and secure. The major functions that Buddi perform are budgeting, tracking accounts, creating personal finance reports etc.


The next free personal finance software I am going to talk about is GnuCash which is the perfect platform for individuals, homes and small businesses to track their accounts. It is a desktop software that is available in Windows, Mac, Linux and Android apps. For Androids, it is a companion app that tracks the expenses and imports them into desktop software.

With GnuCash, you can record your income and expenses in a chequebook-style register, and you can handle transactions in any currency. This is a rather extensive feature set for a free product. GnuCash has translated into 21 languages and offers solid multi-currency capability.

Quicken Deluxe

Quicken Deluxe is a free budgeting software that is well known for its best management investments. If you are thinking to invest some of your income, quicken deluxe is the best option for you.

It is the most feature-rich personal finance app for Windows available today. This software tracks flexible, in-depth transactions. It gives great support options to its users.

The user can access much of quicken data from anywhere, as it connects a companion website and mobile app while running on the desktop.

It provides services of a robust set of personal finance, planning and investment tools to its users. But the user cannot pay the electronic bills on Quicken Deluxe.

If you do not want to use any finance software and are concerned about keeping the budget, you can simply use free budget spreadsheet templates that include Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Google Sheets.

You can easily install it from the google play store and start managing your budget on any of these.

To wrap up, I suggest to all of my readers that while choosing any freelancing software keep in mind that it should be available on all platforms, secure, have great reviews and provide basic personal finance features.

The above-discussed personal financing and budgeting free software have these essential features. You can choose any of them and use them to manage your budget and expenses.


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