Top 8 Real Estate Hedge Funds Companies & Their Strategy

A real estate hedge fund is an investment area that is specified for the properties. Nowadays, everyone wants to save or invest money. For this purpose, people find different ways to invest. Investing in real estate hedge funds is a good option for the investment.

Moreover, there are many real estate companies that give an investment offer. And you can also build your own company.

Now a question arises what are real estate hedge funds? This article will explain this. In addition to this question, you will come to how to start a real estate hedge fund. 

First of all, let us have a look at the concept of real estate hedge funds.

What are Real Estate Hedge Funds

A real estate hedge fund is an investment that collects capital from investors before every single investment. This capital is in the form of real estate.

Now you have an understanding of real estate hedge funds. It is time to take information about the best real estate funds. It will help you to know the worth and work of hedge funds.

Best Real Estate Hedge Funds.

You need to see some best real estate hedge funds. It will help you in the investment process. Let us have a look at them.

1- Cerberus Capital Management

2- Angelo Gordon

3- Oaktree Capital Management

4- Brummer and partners 

5- Lazard Alternatives

6- Rockpoint Group

7- Rockwood Capital 

8- Stockbridge

9- Blue Ridge Capital

10- Gordian Capital

These are some of the best hedge funds in which you can invest. Now you need to move on next step. The next step is to know about the real estate companies which take the hedge funds.

Let us talk about those companies.

Real Estate Hedge Fund Companies.

In the case of property investment whether, whether they are buying or selling everyone wants profit. So, there are some agencies that give real estate fund investing opportunities.

However, it is great convenience for the investors. Now you are thinking about the best real estate hedge fund company. So, we are going to answer this question by enlisting some of the top real estate hedge fund companies.

We Rise GOC

It also focuses on commercial and We Rise GOC is one of the top real estate hedge fund companies. It is well-known for its reliable services. As it provides a beautiful environment and a luxurious lifestyle. 

Its hardworking team keeps an eye on every construction project. Also cooperates with the architectural artists in the work.


Zameen is one of the top and most prominent hedge fund companies. Basically, it is an online platform.

With this facility, it is easy to find any kind of property there.

Moreover, it also organizes and promotes real estate events at national and international levels.


Graana is also an online platform. It gives great convivence to sell, rent, buy, and invest in real estate. In short, it fulfills 

all real estate requirements.

It has some wonderful real estate development projects such as Amazon Mall, Imaret Builders Mall and the Mall of Arabia, and so on.

Agency 21

Agency 21 is popular for its reliability and trustworthy work. It has differentiated itself for its superior and unique service and perfection. So, you can rely on the investment of hedge funds on it.

Start Marketing

Start Marketing is one of the top real estate hedge fund companies. Its best quality is to give innovative ideas to estate developers and builders.

It is a good option to work with for your investment.

Zem Builders

Zem Builders is one of the best real estate hedge fund companies. It cooperates and maintains professional relations with the customers.

You can select working with them as they have gained a good reputation in the market.

Square Nine

Square is also providing outclass services to customers. It maintains strong terms with customers by providing satisfactory services.

Estate Land Marketing

Estate Land Marketing had gained the trust of the customers through professionalism and work ethics. It is famous as it provides investment care programs too to customers.

So, these are some of the top best real estate hedge fund companies which you can trust for investment related to property, especially in Pakistan.

Now a question arises can we start a real estate hedge fund and how? The answer is yes. With the knowledge of where to invest, you must know how to start your own fund company.

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How to Start a Real Estate Hedge Fund

To start a real estate hedge fund, you need to follow some steps. These steps are discussed below:

Define Strategy

First of all, design your investment strategy. This strategy should clearly tell your goals. This should be free from political and economic criteria.


You need to manage cooperation with the fund manager and all the investors. In this way, you will create a well-managed structure for your fund.

Then you need to register the state in which you want to incorporate your articles.

Make a Proper Registration

The next step is to make the registration of a new company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Additionally, you need to make registration as an investment advisor too.

After that register the hedge fund also. This step is done in every state where you are offering the fund.

Write the Investment Agreement

Before marketing your hedge fund you need to enlist your investment agreements to the investor. These investor agreements include the following details.

1- Your fee structure. It includes the expense ratio, performance fee, and management fee.

2- Distributions. The period where investors can request distributions.

3- Minimum commitment. It means the minimum amount of time and money an investor must ensure.

Build your Team

You need to build a team for providing services. The team should comprise the following.

  • A broker offering prime brokerage service
  • Auditor
  • Administer

Market Yourself

To ensure more customers you need to market yourself. Make sure that your funds are reliable to manage their money.

You can use some marketing strategies. Such as how your previous records. You can also show your perspective and your funds strategies to investors.


After all these steps you are free to launch your fund. You need to connect with a brokerage account and start trading.

So, by following these steps you can start your own real estate fund. But once you launched your fund you have to continue its promotion for more investors.


Investing in real estate hedge funds is really beneficial and profitable. Specifically for those who are interested to invest in the property. It is not easy to find the right companies to work with. Moreover, it is a tricky task to make your own funding company. Both these are important aspects of real estate hedge funds.

Hopefully, this article will be informative to find the ways to start a real estate hedge fund and also the right agencies for investment tasks.

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