Top Comic Dirty Ways to Make Money

Everyone wants to earn or make money nowadays, and there are many funny dirty ways to make money. Some ways of generating money are obvious, whereas others are immoral or unsuitable.

Earning pro tips knows many good ways to make money in runescape; you must first get a rigorous degree from a reputable institution, which will take 4 to 5 years, followed by the difficult task of job seeking.

After many years of hard labour, you may acquire a job that pays enough to meet your basic necessities.

 Making money constructively and cleanly is time-consuming yet rewarding.

However, some individuals attempt to discover kinky ways to make money online quickly because they need more tolerance and fortitude to proceed along the clean road of developing capital.

These methods might be difficult, but they can help you earn more money in less time.

There are several ways to earn money instantly, some worse than others. These methods assist you in making money since you are willing to accomplish something others are not. There are several nasty methods to generate money, and we will go through a few of them, so stay tuned if you want to make a lot of money fast.

Top Dirty Ways to Make Money Online

Here are 13 ineffective ways to make money:

Toilet Cleaning

This profession involves little work and may be done without a specific degree in any discipline. You can make money by learning simple cleaning toilet procedures, and you’ll be fine. Toilet cleaners make a respectable &54,027 each year.

Many individuals are unwilling to clean toilets and get their hands soiled. However, if you are ready to accomplish what others cannot, you may make a lot of money.

You can become a toilet cleaner by working for a company or establishing your own by posting advertising or fliers. Many businesses employ toilet cleaners, including McDonald’s, KFC, large corporations, and shopping malls. Because of the high volume of visitors in these locations, the restrooms must be nice and clean. Working in these organisations might be considerably simpler than establishing your own company since it takes less time and pays more per hour.

Works as Slaughterhouse jobs

All luxury restaurants and food chains obtain their chicken, meat, and beef supplies from someplace. Some individuals labour at these facilities to butcher animals and supply fresh, finely cut flesh to these businesses. Working in a slaughterhouse is one of the nasty slaughterhouse  jobs that most people are hesitant to do. Nobody can become a slaughterer since it involves abilities to manage a live animal as well as kill it.

Slaughterers get a yearly salary of $29,900 for their efforts. They can work at a slaughterhouse or start their own company. For ethical considerations, most of these slaughterhouses are located in rural regions rather than cities.

Slaughterers may live comfortably by just sitting down and killing and chopping meat. This is a career for those who don’t feel cold at the sight of blood. This employment might generate a high salary if you are not terrified of blood.


One of the unusual ways to make money as a  roadkills. Assume you reside near a highway or another busy route. In such a situation, you may collect road-killed animals and sell them to firms that employ dead animals or to plant companies that use animal waste to manufacture fertilisers and other crop-blooming items.

This is not a task for the faint of heart since it takes a lot of work to collect the deceased animals’ remnants before they decompose into the environment.

Some individuals dislike collecting roadkill, but when you need money, you forget everything and concentrate on the work. This dirty ways to make money online to work might pay well if you are ready to put in the additional effort. It also benefits the environment by lowering trash.

Dumpster Diver

One of the wacky methods to get money is to become a dumpster diver; you have to get your clothing and hands filthy and dive into the dirtiest garbage to uncover some useful items that might be valued. A skilled garbage diver may make about $1000 per week.

Dumpster Diver

According to reports in the United States, a lady quit her work to become a professional dumpster diver since it paid more than her other clean employment.

You can become a dumpster diver if you don’t mind getting your hands filthy and can rapidly dive into any garbage bin or rubbish box.

Owners toss expensive and useless items into the garbage in various locations, including commercial, industrial, construction, and residential sites. You may sometimes discover treasures in the garbage bin. Not all garbage cans have to be filthy and filthy.

Housekeeper jobs

You might become an elderly home cleaner for elderly folks who live alone and do not have house assistance.

Housekeeper jobs may pay an average of $16.69 per hour and includes perks like pick-up and drop-off, lodging, and meals. Many elderly persons are unable to clean their homes on their own. You will be in charge of cleaning, mopping, dusting, washing dishes and clothing, and, if feasible, cooking. If you have all these abilities and are ready to work, you can earn much money.

Work as a Janitor

The annual salary of a janitor is $31,819 on average. It is also satisfying to know that every school and educational institution needs a janitor to work as a janitor.


To make a school a safe and secure environment for children to study and play, you must clean it and solve its faults. A janitor makes $25 per hour, which is decent pay for someone with no degree or ability. Some folks may be able to work part-time since school is only open during the day.

A janitor must attend school in the morning, but they may work various jobs at night to supplement their income. The janitor job requires little time and much more than you may earn on a busy day.

Work as Professional Packers And Movers

A professional mover costs $18.37 per hour plus other allowances or bonuses. People who are moving to new residences need the services of a mover.

When individuals cannot transfer big items into their homes, they must hire a professional mover. You may work for a moving business that will supply you with all of the necessary equipment, such as a moving van and a team of workers to transport heavy goods such as furniture and electronics, such as air conditioners and washing machines.

A professional packer and mover must pack everything, including delicate artefacts that must be handled with care. This is a difficult task that needs a lot of work; you’ll have to get your hands filthy, move some large goods, and load them into a safe vehicle. These professional packers and movers may also assist you in putting anything you want in your new house for an additional fee.

Work for Gutter Cleaning Services

It is one of the dirtiest and shadiest ways of making money. If you are OK with diving into dumpsters full of human faeces and other filth, you can undertake this work for Gutter Cleaning services.

Gutter cleaning

An annual salary for a gutter sweeper is $39,063 on average. Because a few individuals are willing to plunge into a gutter, Dirty Ways to Make Money, such employment allows you to earn more money than other occupations.

There are seasons when there are more employment chances for gutter cleaners; in autumn and spring, numerous leaves fall and need to be cleaned right away.

Digital Products To Sell Online

Selling bespoke and digital products is one of the shady methods of making money online. You may earn $30,000 monthly by selling to numerous jewellery, fashion, and home décor companies.

 It would be beneficial if you created an online shop where you could buy anything at a lower price and put it on the website with double pricing. It is a shady ways of making money online, but it allows you to generate a significant monthly income.

Because downloaded items such as plugins and eBooks are involved, some individuals offer digital goods that are more costly than bespoke products. You can sell these things and earn a twofold profit; you need a little business competence, and you’ll be OK.

Dog Poop Scooper

People like having dogs as pets but dislike cleaning their excrement. They prefer to employ individuals who can accomplish this for them. This is an unusual way to earn money, but it can be lucrative. Because dog owners do not have the time to scoop their dog’s excrement, they pay poop scoopers to do it.

Dog Poop Scooper

Dog Poop Scooper employment will allow you to be a part of people that strive to keep the environment clean and make the town a better place to live. This employment may save you $63,179 annually if you love dogs and don’t mind getting messy for them.

Check Out These Other Easy Ways to Make Money

Camming – Webcam Model

Camming is becoming a popular way to make money in Western nations. Many websites exist where you may become a kinky webcam model in front of a camera. These platforms are home to millions of users. This work needs a little setup and a continuous internet connection. Camming can help you generate a lot of money.

Sell Feet Photos

Sell feet photos is an odd way to get money, yet some individuals and businesses prefer images of their feet coated in muck, mud, etc. These images are for modelling and marketing reasons, and firms are willing to pay a high price.

If you’re quite excellent at taking photographs and can snap shots of your own feet or the dirty feet of others, you can sell these photos and make money with minimal effort. This is a tutorial on How to Sell Foot Photos for Money.

Sell Your Hair

Suppose you have long hair and a lot of hair growth. You may also make money off of this characteristic by sell your hair (selling your hair).

Sell your hair

Several hair salons may link you with individuals buying or selling hair. You may sell your hair and negotiate with customers in several places.

This bargain requires that you have hair that is at least 6 inches long to sell. You may arrange a contract and mail your hair to a client’s address when they contact you.

Work for micro tasks

Micro tasks online may be a quick and easy way to earn more cash if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make some extra money.

It’s possible to pick and choose the errands you want to do on many of these sites, and they only take a few minutes of your time.

The pay is often low, but it might mount up if you do a lot of tasks. Further, it’s a great way for rookies to get their feet wet in online moneymaking. is a good place to start!

Last Words

Earning money may seem like a straightforward chore that some people can accomplish without effort beneath the roof of their homes, but for others, it takes a lot of hard work to find and keep a job.

Work is work; if you want dirty ways to make money, you must do it. There are plenty of additional methods to generate cash than those described above.

After properly researching the benefits and drawbacks of each employee, you may decide on the sort of work you wish to perform for a livelihood.

This post is a wealth of knowledge covering several filthy and shady ways to earn the money that may benefit unemployed individuals who do not need any degree or experience.

If you are considering undertaking any of these occupations like work as a janitor, Dog Poop Scooper , dumpster diver, cleaning toilet, slaughterhouse  jobs or camming – webcam model – thoroughly study and go with the safest alternative since there may be complications. You should accept the risk if you have the strength to deal with the issues that come with the work.

You cannot leap into work; you must be patient to locate the right job. Until then, you may perform minor, meaningless tasks to make ends meet.

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